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Nepal Information

Visa Information

A visa is required to enter Nepal. One can get a visa at the Nepalese Embassy or consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fees. Two passport sized photos are mandatory for visa on arrival.

Tourist visa:
Visa Duration: A tourist may stay in Nepal up to 150 days in a visa year (January-December

Visa Fees: For those who are entering into Nepal first time in a visa year:

  1. Single Entry Visa: US$ 30 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency for 60 days.
  2. Double Entry Visa: US$ 55 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency for 60
  3. Multiple Entry Visa: US$ 90 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency for 60 days.

Visa Fees: Visa fees for those who are entering into Nepal second time and thereafter within the same visa year

  1. Single Entry Visa: US$ 50 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency for 30 days.
  2. Double Entry Visa: US$ 75 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency per month.
  3. Multiple Entry Visa: US$ 110 or any other equivalent convertible foreign currency for 60 days.

Business Visa Fees:
Business Visa with multiple entry facility for the period of one year and five years can be obtained from the Department of Immigration of the recommendation of Ministry of Industry by paying the equivalent of US$ 100 and US$ 250 respectively in the Nepalese currency for the foreign investors.

Custom and Language

The diversity in Nepal in terms of ethnicity again makes room for various sets of customs. Although some customs have merely been converted to habits without thought, ancient texts justify them with far-fetched reasons, sometimes making sense and sometimes not. Since Nepal is a country rich in ethnicity, there are different costumes worn by different ethnic groups. But generally, the men wear Daura suruwal s and women wear saris.

Most of these customs go back to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Among them, the rules of marriage are particularly interesting. In traditional families marriage deals are arranged by parents after the boy or girl come of age. Child marriage and polygamy that were once upheld and accepted with glee are not allowed by the law anymore. The marriageable age has been legally set as 18 for girls and 21 for women. Even today, most people do not have love marriages; the decision is usually made by the parents. Yet, the divorce rate is considerably low.

Nepalese do not eat beef. There are several reasons for this, one being that the Hindus worship cow. Cow is also the national animal of Nepal. Buffalo meat is a good substitute but is only eaten by a certain section of the population.

Another interesting concept among Nepalis is the division of pure and impure. \'Jutho,\' referring to food or material that contains another\'s saliva, is considered impure by Nepalis. Nepalis consider cow dung to be pure for cleaning purposes. During menstruation women are considered impure and hence, are kept in seclusion until their fourth day purification bath.
The pasni (rice - feeding) ceremony is the child\'s next important occasion. In the presence of family and priests, the seven month old child is dressed in finery and fed rice presented on a coin by all members of the family. He is shown several objects on a tray: a heap of earth, paddy (unhooked rice), bricks, toys, rings, a pen and ink-pot, and a book. It is said his parents can tell the child s future profession from the object he first picks up.

Tika, a mark on the forehead, symbolizes the blessings of god. The colors of the Tika vary according to the occasion and type of temple one visits. The black goal or kohl is used to line the eyes of children to keep away evil eyes.

Language in Nepal

Nepali is the official language of Nepal, with over 30 other languages spoken as mother-tongues in different parts of the country, and as well there are many regional dialects. Nepali is of the Indo-Aryan family of languages brought from central Asia by the Aryans about 1500 BC. The original Old Indo-Aryan language gave rise to Sanskrit from which Nepali derives.

In common with Hindi, Nepali uses the Devanagri script (the script of the city of the gods, sometimes known as Nagari) which derived from the Brahmi script of ancient India.

English is spoken, with much of the schooling in the cities in the English medium. As well many in the travel and tourism industry speak German, Spanish, Japanese, French and Italian.

In Kathmandu at the Bishwa Bhasha Campus (at Bhrikutimandap) of Tribhuvan University foreign students can study Nepali (spoken and Devanagari script), Newari, Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. At Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur there is the Department of Nepali Studies, where BA and MA studies in Nepali language can be pursued. Sanskrit is also taught in the medical colleges, as many of the texts for natural medicines (ayurvedic and homoeopathic) are written in Sanskrit.


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